MiDeer Puzzle – Detective In Space

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  • DETECTIVE IN SPACE: Children’s space exploration puzzle.
  • Special magnifying glass to exercise children’s observation ability.
  • Large pieces of jigsaw puzzle for children to grasp
  • 42 Pieces Puzzle
  • Puzzle Size:70cm x 52cm
  • Age appropriate for 3+

  • Description

    Puzzle – Detective in space
    In the boundless of universe, there is tons of object were to be in orbit and maybe some aliens to be discover by us.
    MiDeer puzzle-Detective in space is a colorful and lively rich with interesting details by creative artist. Kids are require to rebuild the puzzle and try to find all the items in the frame with the wooden magnifying glass given.
    This is a fun game that parents can play with their kids which encourages attention and curiousity.

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